Move into literacy with rhymes, poetry, drama

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program


The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® is a weekly program for parents and their children ages 0-3. It aims to open up their worlds to the power and pleasure of traditional and contemporary nursery rhymes, songs and stories. The free program, run locally in Montreal by the Montreal Children’s Library (MCL), is a national initiative offering parents new ways to develop strong and healthy communications with their babies and toddlers based on language, play and verbal interaction. In this way, the groundwork for literacy is laid. The program originally set out to target socially isolated families (single parents, teenage mothers, those on limited income, immigrants etc.). But with the evolving breakdown of extended family and community, the oral tradition of passing rhymes and stories from one generation to the next can now no longer be taken for granted, whatever a family’s background may be. The program attracts parents from all walks of life. And so, since its advent in Montreal in 1995, families of all demographics have come to recognise and follow the Mother Goose programs offered across the city. The Trained animators have found that the resulting mix of families and cultures in the program has served to enrich the total experience.


  • To give parents new strategies for verbal interaction with their children
  • To offer a social environment in which parents can learn from each other
  • To expand parents’ own repertoires of songs and stories
  • To offer new techniques for coping with fussiness in children
  • To give children the chance to interact with others in the same age-group, and to play independently from their caregivers
  • To offer improvement in parents’ French/English skills, which can be passed on to children at an early age.

Typical program: 10-week, 1 hour per week,  that’s free of charge. Circle lap rhymes and songs, Snack-time, stories for adults, play for children, circle standing/marching rhymes and songs.

In the Montreal area, see Montreal Children’s Library  or call (514) 931-2304

Find a program in Canada here:

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