Male Mentors

It’s all about reading and role models.

Many experts believe that boys don’t read because they lack male reading role models. Here’s an idea.  Invite men into grade-school classrooms and have them read aloud, especially to boys.

Why boys in particular?  Experts have sifted the evidence and the results show that boys do not perform as well as girls in readings and writing.  Poor literacy skills among boys  impacts on other subject areas in school.

Dropout rates are higher for boys than for girls;

Boys are less likely than girls to go to university;

Boys are more likely than girls to be placed in special ed programs.

If you’re a teacher, help extend an invitation to a male reading role model.  You play an important role.

And now here’s some  tips :

  • See yourself as a performer (saying the words to help your young listeners to think the pictures);
  • Pick a story you enjoy;
  • Prepare ahead by reading several times;
  • Use your natural voice to make the story effective (pitch, tone, volume);
  • Use well-timed pauses to help your listeners anticipate what is next.

Looking for books that boys like read?

  • Try books that are funny, and make them laugh;
  • Fiction books that focus more on action that on emotions;
  • Science fiction or fantasy.




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