Think About it!


Critical thinking is about having an informed opinion and the confidence to express that opinion without being influenced by fashion or authority while remaining open to future discussion.

Being able to think critically, solve problems and make good decisions is the key to success in work and life. With critical thinking, you should try to avoid anybody telling you how you should think!
Too much information can be an obstacle to critical thinking; of the internet, parents and children are being challenged as never before.

Ways to Develop Healthy Critical Thinking in Your Children.

  • Establish a home library at the earliest available opportunity: books, magazines, newspapers,etc.
  • Tempting as it might be, don’t answer every question for your child; give them time to arrive at their own answer.
  • Establish a nurturing environment where there’s a lively exchange of ideas and fun. Play challenging games: twenty questions, word games, board games.
  • Understand your child’s thinking process. In order to support your child’s learning it is a good thing to really know their learning style.
  • Don’t overly criticize, and if you do,criticize the idea and not the child and remain open tohaving your ideas challenged in return.

Want more info?

For adults: take the  Critical Thinking Multiple Choice Quiz.  You’re given 20 minutes and 10 questions.  You can guess if you’re not sure, and they will explain why your answer makes critical sense or not.

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