Dads at Elementary School

Wanted: More Volunteer Dads!

Participating at your childʼs elementary school increases the chances of your child getting mostly good grades and enjoying school, both now and for the future.

With moms, this sort of participation, especially in the elementary grades, is a given.  Yet a growing number of dads are participating.

Experts believe this due to a variety of factors: the increasing ranks of the self-employed, flexible work hours, as well as a reversal of traditional roles.

Ways in which Dads Can Help Out


  • Ask the Principal where they need volunteers;
  • In the library or classroom: acting as reading role models;
  • School websites or newsletters;
  • In the classrooms: another set of hands for everything from helping out with lunch, to tutoring math or reading;
  • On field trips

Remember: you can get involved as much or as little as you want.  Itʼs all up to you!

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