Harold Spanier

Harold Spanier is a former educator who has long ago broken out of the brick and mortar school. He worked in the private sector, but was still very passionate about education. Harold joined  a band of science teachers who got kids turned on to science by a hands-on field approach. He collaborated in the writing,

education cd

Les Papillons Monarques, ( Mirco-Intel, et al. ) cd rom 1999

production and design of educational materials and websites. As a coordinator of Monarch Watch for Canada, Harold organized a group of twelve year olds to follow the Monarchs all the way to their winter hideaway in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. He acted as consultant and participant in a Discovery Channel documentary.

David Poulsen (youth author) with Harold Spanier

He was the former Director of Community Services for the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations.  In the early 1990s involvement with Home and School made him aware of the Literacy in the Information Age project, and the importance of parents role in schooling.

Harold has a wide range of experience working with families in both rural and urban settings.

Photo courtesy of Nancy Roach Parr

Debi Brown, QFHSA President, congratulating award recipient Harold Spanier, April 24 2009, Dorval, QC. Photo courtesy of Nancy Roach Parr.

In 2009, the QFHSA honoured him with the Leslie N. Buzzell Award for long-term, outstanding service to the organization.

He serves on the Board of Directors for a youth organization, the Dawson Community Centre in Verdun, Québec.  At the school level, he is chairperson on the Governing Board at Westmount Park.  Harold works in the tax preparation business. When not working, he loves spending time with family, and especially his son.

Elizabeth Macdonnell, Allanah Murphy, and Harold Spanier. Workshop held Jan. 20, 2009 at James Lyng High School, Montreal.