A Visit To A Pond

Learning about a healthy environment

A pond is one of the best places to observe a natural ecosystem in action. A healthy pond environment will be full of insects, fish and amphibians. Birds and mammals will likely inhabit the surrounding area. It’s recommended to bring ┬ánets, collecting buckets, plastic jars and magnifying glasses.

Encourage children to:

  • look for insects that live on the pond environment. Certain insects, like mayflies, need clean, well-oxygenated water. Clean bodies of water can sustain a wide variety of plant life.
  • ┬átake samples and to record their observations, on paper or a digital camera.

Suggested Questions:

  • Was the water in the pond clean or polluted? How could you tell?
  • What animals did you observe?
  • What kind of plant life did you see?

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