The Museum: A Great Family Outing

Museums are by design “learning environments” and there are almost as many kinds of museums as there are snowflakes!  You probably are familiar with art museums, science and technology museums, and natural history museums.  However, museums come in many forms and all sizes.  Recent developments in museums allow you to interact with objects in a whole new way.
Did you know there are museums devoted to pioneer days, railways, fur trade, and even gold? There’s even a museum set up as a 1940’s schoolroom where children can visit and role-play. Many smaller communities in Canada have their own historical museums.


The McCord Museum (in conjunction with other Canadian museums) has created a fascinating online exhibit called Keys to History . The exhibit features over 9,000 period photos and pictures of artifacts. You can take Virtual Tours, play history-related games and even compare ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the Montreal landscape.
Answer these questions then visit Keys to History to see if you are right. Or, see the answer below.  Enjoy!

Test your knowledge

1) A leg of mutton is something to eat but also:

a) a fancy writing desk

b) a turn of the century hairstyle

c) a puffy style of sleeve worn by Victorian women.

2) John McRae was both a:

a) doctor and a politician

b) politician and a poet

c) poet and a doctor

3) Imperial Limited was a:

a) brand of milk

b) cross country luxury express train

c) company dealing with insurance



Answers: 1-c, 2-c, 3-b


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