The Facebook of Science

Parents, looking for a way to grab the attention of your teenager in a whole new way?

Scientists have discovered the power of blogging to get the word out about their work, much of it interesting and unusual.

Social Networks

The website is a community collection of websites encompassing all of the sciences. It’s where¬†scientists-writers and their followers gather to explore a wide variety of new topics.

I prefer the search function with a theme in mind. ¬†But you can just as easily use the scroll down “Choose a blog” list. You’ll find some intriguing blog titles: A Few Things Ill-Considered; Not Exactly Rocket Science; Blogging the Origin; Discovering Biology in a Digital World; The Scientific Indian; On Being a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess, etc.

The age of the scientist-writer is now upon us. And, the best part of all, young people can share in the current science buzz.

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